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Leading "Business and Human Rights" from Asia

BHR Lawyers Network Japan

The Business and Human Rights Lawyers Network Japan (BHR Lawyers) is an information-sharing network established through the collective action of lawyers, scholars, business persons and other legal specialists active in diverse areas ranging from business law practices to human rights advocacy.

Through the advancement of Business and Human Rights practices in Japan, the BHR Lawyers is promoting business to respect human rights and facilitating dialogues among stakeholders to ensure the access to remedies.


Our Goal



Project and Center for Engagement & Remedy 

For improving engagement and remedy practices, supporting Japan Center for Engagement and Remedy (JaCER) as well as formulating "Advisory and Mediation Panel Guidelines" and "Advisory and Mediation Panel Candidate Members List".


With: Global Compact Network Japan; Sasakawa Peace Foundation; Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Supply Chains Migrant Workers Guidelines

Publishing and disseminating guidelines for Japanese business to improve working environments for migrant workers in supply chains.


With: Lawyers Network for Foreign Workers; Lawyers Network for Foreign Technical Interns

Corporate Human Security Index 

Formulating "Corporate Human Security Index (CHSI)" by reframing BHR/ESG initiatives from the perspectives of "Human Security" 


With:  Research Center for Sustainable Peace, The University of Tokyo  

Engagement & Remedy Guidelines

Publishing and disseminating the guidelines for Japanese business to strengthen their grievance mechanisms through engagement with other stakeholders.

ER Guidelines.png

With: Global Compact Network Japan; OECD Centre for Responsible Business Conduct; ILO Office for Japan 

BHR Training Programme for Lawyers 

Implementing training programmes on BHR for Japaneese lawyers upon signing MOU with International Bar Association (IBA)

full IBA logo BLUE.jpg

​With: International Bar Association (IBA)


We will host "Engagemenr and Remedy Forum for Responsible Business Conduct 2022" with Global Compact Network Japan, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, and Sasakawa Peace Foundation. we would like to explain the plan of establishing “Japan Center for Engagement and Remedy on Business and Human Rights” for implementating colleactive grievance mechanisms in Japan.We will also invite distinguished guests from Japan and abroad, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and share the latest development on business and human rights.

BHR Lawyers Database

November, 2020

[Article] Roles of lawyers in preventing business-related human rights abuses


Daisuke Takahashi

Attorney at Law (Japan)

September, 2018

[Article] The “business and human rights” principle cares gender pay gap


Emi Omura

Attorney at Law (Japan)

December, 2017

[Article] Embedding respect for human rights in the Tokyo Olympics


Daisuke Takahashi 

Attorney at Law (Japan)

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