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The Business and Human Rights Lawyers Network Japan (BHR Lawyers) is an information-sharing network established through the collective action of lawyers, scholars, business persons and other legal specialists active in diverse areas ranging from business law practices to human rights advocacy.

Through the advancement of Business and Human Rights practices in Japan, the BHR Lawyers is promoting business to respect human rights and facilitating dialogues among stakeholders to ensure the access to remedies.

Our Goal

Engagement & Remedy Guidelines

 The Japan Responsible Supply Chains Committee, which is comprised of multi-stakeholder members, and which is led by the Business and Human Rights Lawyers Network Japan ("BHR Lawyers") and the Global Compact Network Japan ("GCNJ"), and supported by the Civil Society Platform for Japan’s National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights ("BHR-NAP-CSP"), has formulated and announced the first edition of  "Engagement" and "Remedy" Guidelines for Promotion of Responsible Business Conduct and Responsible Supply Chains.

 This project has been conducted under the assistance and advice of the OECD Centre for Responsible Business Conduct and the ILO Office for Japan and accredited as the Tokyo 2020 Support Program (Sustainability).

 The Guidelines also intend to contribute to the development of the legacy of Tokyo 2020, the enrichment of the content of Japan's National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, and the effective dissemination of the ESG initiatives by Japanese companies. 

Guidelines Launch Event on Feb. 3, 2020

As the launch event of the "Engagement" and "Remedy" Guidelines, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ), and BHR Lawyers Network Japan (BHR Lawyers)  co-organized a public symposium "Towards Promotion of Responsible Business Conduct and Supply Chains: Roles of National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights and “Engagement” & “Remedy” Guidelines".

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BHR Lawyers was featured in Nikkei Newspaper

The activities of BHR Lawyers were presented by one of our steering committee officers, Attorney Makoto Saito, in the legal section of Nikkei Newspaper (Japanese).


Discussion on the IBA Practical Guide and on the introduction of HRDD into M&A transactions

The BHR Lawyers hosted a round table meeting with Ms. Rocío Paniagua (Senior Legal Manager, Legal Policy & Research Unit, IBA) and Mr.  Daniel D'Ambrosio (UK Solicitor, DLA Piper London Office) to discuss the IBA Practical Guide on BHR and the opportunities and challenges for conducting HRDD through M&A transactions.

BHR Lawyers Database

September, 2018

[Article] The “business and human rights” principle cares gender pay gap

Emi Omura

Attorney at Law (Japan)

December, 2017

[Article] Embedding respect for human rights in the Tokyo Olympics

Daisuke Takahashi 

Attorney at Law (Japan)

July, 2016

[Guidance] Japan Federation ofBar Associations' Guidance on Human Rights Due Diligence

Japan Federation of 

Bar Associations